Web-Stat pour Wix

Comment installer sur mon site Wix ?

Web-Stat can be added on a Wix site in just a minute:

1. Accédez à votre éditeur Wix et cliquez sur le bouton 'Marché Applications' à gauche

app installation example

2. Enter 'Web-Stat' in the search box and click on the Web-Stat app

app installation example

3. Cliquez sur 'Ajouter au Site'

app installation example

4. Cliquez sur 'Ajouter App'

app installation example

5. Web-Stat is now installed. Move it to wherever you want it on your page, then click on 'Settings'

Note: You only need to install Web-Stat on a single page. This will allow the app to monitor your visitors throughout the entire site.

app installation example

6. Choose the appearance of the app. For instance, make it invisible. Then choose your design and settings.

app installation example

7. Don't forget to click on 'More Settings' to:

  • Exclure vos propres visites
  • Receive alerts and stats by email
  • Suivez vos conversions
  • Setup downtime monitoring and alerts
  • And more...
app installation example app installation example

8. Web-Stat est prêt : sauvegardez vos modifications, publiez votre site et commencez à suivre vos visiteurs en temps réel.

app installation example

To see your stats, simply go to your web site's dashboard, click on 'Apps' in the left menu bar, then on 'Web-Stat'

Do you need to change Web-Stat's appearance on your page? or the way visitors are counted? From the Wix web site editor, click on the Web-Stat app, then on 'App Settings' and make your changes.

More configuration options are available from inside your stats (conversions tracking, stats by email, exclude your own visits, etc.). Click on the icon in the stats top menu bar to access.

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